Miss Crofton brings together the sensual thrill of all things girly with womanly sophistication. Adored by fashion influencers, respected by modern makers, and with a huge fanbase of tastemakers and artists, Miss Crofton’s attention to detail and fine quality has won admirers the world over.

Contrary to popular belief, head designer and founder Georgia, is not Miss Crofton. The brand name remembers Crofton Road, Camberwell, Peckham - a street full of fond memories, to be missed - hence, “Miss Crofton”. London is a big part of Miss Crofton’s identity, reflected in design, fabric and making. 



Low waste and sustainability is extremely important to us; so our London-based studio sources end of roll material from diverse local sellers. Buying end of roll rather than producing new materials follows our environmentalist goals to reduce overconsumption. Also, the very nature of our small-scale production and pattern cutting techniques minimize waste. 


In our studio the in-house team cut, sew and finish all garments overseen by Georgia for the highest quality lingerie. We are proud to always provide bespoke tailoring, and we have experience in pattern cutting for plus size and trans-femme bodies. Miss Crofton is inclusive and fun, striving to uplift with our unique flirty feminine style.